Monday, March 5, 2012

Refining the RapMan Print and Tool Find

I'm in the midst of refining the quality of the print from the RapMan 3.2.  I will have pictures shortly to show my progress.

I'm using the duck model, that is among the test models to download from Bits From Bytes and it seems to be a great test subject.  I'm consistently getting good results on the side of the duck toward the front of the RapMan and consistently NOT getting perfect results on the back side.  This seems to be a bed leveling issue.  And, I'm chasing that down.

The tolerances are incredibly close.  So, it doesn't take much of a turn on a bed adjustment bolt to send things in the wrong direction.

In the meantime, I found the perfect ball-head hex tools for your RapMan build from a U.S.A. company, located in Colorado called ToolsDelivered.

You'll need 3 different sizes of the BAHCO BALL-END HEX SCREWDRIVER

The three sizes are...
They work beautifully and are much easier to use than the normal hex wrench.

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