Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RapMan 3.2 Unattended Print:125mm - Part 1

Good news!

I arrived home this evening to see the print job still going strong.  An hour or so later, the job was done.  The RapMan successfully printed without intervention and unattended for more than 13 hours!

Once again, for now, I am using a point and shoot.  So, the focus isn't going to be as clear as it could be.  I am leaving the support material on until I can take some better images tomorrow.

Peyton Duncan - Chow: View #1 at .125mm
While the detail is a bit greater in the above image, there are what appear to be printing errors at the rear of the dog.  They might be related to the support material for the tail since they can be seen on both sides as View #3 shows.

Peyton Duncan - Chow: View #2 at .125mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow: View #3 at .125mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow: View #4 at .125mm
 In the above picture, it's clear that there is a bit more detail that comes through at the mouth and eyes.  But, as I hold the two different prints in front of me to compare them visually, those details isn't nearly as different as I'd expected.

Peyton Duncan - Chow: View #5 at .125mm
The top view shows a VERY different outcome between the two different prints.  There appears to be tiny holes near the ears and a prominent hole in the tail.  Again, a better camera and lighting will show this more clearly.

BOTTOM LINE:  For me, the additional printing hours did not yield the kind of difference I had hoped to see.  But, the real proof will be side by side comparisons once the support material is removed.  However, it's important to remember that I am new to both the software and the printer.  An error or oversight in either would yield unexpected results.  I wonder if the result will be the same if  I tried this experiment a year from now.

However.  It cannot be overemphasized that the RapMan, with a roller bearing hub, is a workhorse!

I plan to seek ideas as to what is taking place on the .125mm print in the RapMan forums.  I'll post an update if I find out anything significant.

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