Monday, March 19, 2012

First Unattended Print!

I apologize for the images.  All I had was a point & shoot that does not seem to like to focus on white plastic objects.  :)

I'll take better images tomorrow.

The important thing about this post is not the quality of the photography; but, the fact that the roller bearing hubs WORKED!   This morning before leaving for work, I started printing Peyton Duncan's Chow figurine and when I came back this evening it had successfully printed.

This may not seem much to you.  But, it's a HUGE milestone for me.  It means I can print complex or larger objects and still get some sleep.

First, let's discuss the object being printed.  It's a beautiful image of a Chow dog.  It's by artist and photographer Peyton Duncan, and the STL file is uploaded on the Cubify site.  More of Peyton's art and photos are on RedBubble.  If you want a real treat visit his sites.  But, beware.  He's got quite a unique sense of humor!

I made the decision to print the Chow at the middle resolution for my RapMan, .250mm.  That made the run 5+ hours.  It's not that I didn't trust the new spool hubs to work.  It's just that... well... I couldn't be absolutely sure that they would work flawlessly for 5 hours.

Not to worry.  They worked like a charm... as did the RapMan's print engine.  When I came home this evening this is what greeted me.

Chow with Support

The Chow was finished and ready to be cleaned of the support material.  Interesting, Axon seemed to use a different strategy for the support materials that made it very easy to remove.  Here is the cleaned version.

The layers are clearly visible at this compromise resolution,  It will be interesting to compare this version with the one being printed at .125 resolution.

All-in-all, however, I am very pleased with both the process and the result.


I'm afraid that I will NOT be testing the finer resolution tonight.  For some reason, which I will have to test with something smaller, the RapMan is not printing correctly at the highest resolution.  It's probably an extruder pressure issue.  And, I don't have time to mess with it tonight.  We'll all have to wait for an update!   ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!  LOL!

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