Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RapMan 3.2 Unattended Print at .250mm

UPDATE:  I did manage to figure out why the .125mm test was not, initially. printing well.  It didn't dawn on me that because the layers were 1/2 the thickness, I needed to raise the bed to compensate.  Once that was done, it was running fine when I left it this morning.  Hopefully, it completed the job.  I'll find out in an hour or so.  I HATE DC area traffic!  LOL!

Before leaving for home... and hopefully finding a higher resolution print of Peyton Duncan's Chow waiting for me... I managed to capture some better images of the printed model from my RapMan 3.2 printer.

Nobody is trying to fool anybody.  An extrusion printer doesn't cost $400,000.  Neither does it perform like one.  But, it still does a very credible job at rendering what one creates.  And, frankly, I'm quite pleased with the result at .250 vertical resolution.  So, here are some images.

NOTE:  Any lint, etc. comes from the fact that this poor guy spent all day in my pocket.  :)

Click on any image to see larger versions... 

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #1:  .250mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #2:  .250mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #3:  .250mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #4:  .250mm

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #5:  .250mm

For these next two images, which only appear to be identical, I raised the F-Stop for each to try to get a bit more depth of field.  I think it helped.

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #6:  .250mm f16.0

Peyton Duncan - Chow View #7:  .250mm f18.0
As you can see, the RapMan, once properly set up, begins to crank out some very nice 3D prints!  And, that is even at the Mid-resolution.

Note for Peyton...  I KNOW that is a DIME in the image and not a quarter as you asked.  How in the world did you think I might have a quarter to my name left while I'm spending all my money having fun buying tools and materials for my RapMan???   LOL!

Note for everyone else...  Peyton is my nephew.  And, I have a LOT of respect for his work and for him personally.  Both Peyton and my artist daughter Cheryl continue to amaze me with their talent. Here is just a sample of Cheryl's beautiful sculpture that got me interested into digital photography and  3D printing in the first place.

Fleurette by Cheryl Meeks

I'm surrounded by geniuses and loving it!

Now... I gotta get out of here to see what awaits me at home... a mess or a Chow!!  :)

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