Thursday, May 24, 2007

V-Flash at EASTEC 2007 Exposition

As this is being written the V-Flash 3D printer is being displayed on the exhibition floor at EASTEC 2007. We wish we were there. But, since we're not, we'll do our best to find someone that was.

The V-Flash 3D printer is expected to be released sometime this year at a cost of $9,900. We contacted the company and were subsequently contacted by a local distributer. But, they still don't have any real information to provide.

We'll keep trying. Maybe they'll have more after the show.

3D Systems does have a web site dedicated to the V-Flash 3D Printer. There are some intriquing glimpses into how it works in a short still-frame video. And, there is an image of a sample object. But, the image isn't fine enough for us to truly judge the character of the output. At 7"x9"x8", the build size of the V-Flash is larger than that of the 5"x5"x5" Desktop Factory.

Visit their web site at:

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