Monday, May 28, 2007

More than Chocolate! Cornell's Fab@Home

Our first encounter with the idea that one could actually own a 3D fabricator for under $10K was when we stumbled across the Fab@Home project's web site. Since then, a LOT more people have heard about this fascinating experiment in personal fabrication. Most of the attention, and rightly so, has gone to an enterprising high school student who created custom 3D chocolate confections using the Fab@Home system.

But, recently they've gone beyond that and actually created a flashlight housing. Dan Periard recieved the Fabber of the Month award for this design!

Dan Periard's Flashlight

The gallery of images of the things being made with the Fab@Home fabricator is a lot of fun to visit. The gallery is growing at a great rate and we're happy to see it.

Fab@Home Gallery

We found the Bouncy Ball images to be very encouraging. Not only do we lose ours under the furniture far too frequently; but, at our age that becomes their permanent home. But, more importantly, it shows that one can first create the tool (mold from frosting) and then create the toy in that mold. Pretty slick!

The other image that caught our attention was the Box in Cylinder. 3D Fabrication offers some very unque capabilities. Being able to build and enclose objects at the same time is an excellent example of one of those unique capabilities.

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