Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hear better via a Desktop 3D Printer!

We hate relying on news releases for information. They're so predictable... like there's a class that everyone goes to learn the rules for writing them and swears they will never deviate from the rules.

But, when a news release actually reveals a genuine tidbit of information then we're forced by our promise to keep you informed to at least give you a link.

3D Systems has announced that they are partnering with Dreve Otoplastik, a hearing aid manufacturer to deliver custom made hearing aid shells using a special version of the V-Flash 3D printer (Model HA 230). Now, this is some interesting news. It means that the resolution of the V-Flash actually IS smooth enough to create an item that can be comfortably worn inside one's ear. That's great news.

But, there is also another little tidbit of information contained in this release. Apparently, they will be able to achieve some level of multi-color delivery using swappable cartridges. While this isn't the same as having a full color Z450, it's certainly not a bad thing. The materials are being specially developed by Dreve Otoplastik.

Here's the link to the release.

V-Flash Hearing Aid Press Release

Since this particular machine will only be marketed through Dreve Otoplastik, it is not exactly the machine or materials that most of us would be using. Even so, the delivery time table and the little hints the article provides is encouraging news.

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