Monday, May 28, 2007

Beware the Evil Mad Scientist! (Calorie Alert!!!)

Wouldn't you know it. The industry hasn't even gotten started yet and already its got its own Evil Mad Scientist. And, this is one dastardy dude! His modus Operandi is to tempt the unwary into a stupifying sugar high by disquising his creations as 3D works of art.

And, it's DEFINITELY working! We aren't the only ones hoping that he'll find a way to commercialize the home-built Candy Fab 4000. Sugar junkies the world over are pulling for him.

Here is the main web site for this dispenser of evil calories.

Evil Mad Scientist's Web Site

But, don't stop there. You can wander on over to his images gallery... in the interest of science of course... and see just how enticing the output of that contraption can be!

Candy Fab 4000 Temptations

Aside from his obvious evil intentions, our Evil Mad Scientist is showing us that 3D printing and fabrication has an enormously wide range of new applications. He's an innovator and leader that has earned a place of honor on this blog. But, if he keeps riding THIS contraction, he may need to make a few sugar CASTS!!!

Actual Evil Mad Scientist's Risky Behavior

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