Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Desktop Factory's June 2007 Newsletter Online!

There is good news on the Desktop Factory front! Their June 2007 newsletter is now online and reveals the planned schedule for the next few months. See the June Newsletter and find more news links at:

Desktop Factory Newsletter June 2007

And, while you are there, check out the new web site with much better images and more complete information about the Desktop Factory product, company and goals. We're more excited than ever about the goals of Cathy Lewis and her team to bring desktop 3D printing into our homes.

New Desktop Factory Website

The breakthrough price of $4,995 and the target cost of $1 per cubic inch is extremely good news for educators and those of us interested in artistic applications for 3D printing. With each dollar we save in material costs, the more experimentation and learning we can do to help us capitalize on this exciting technology.

Well done!

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