Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DeltaMaker - A Wonderfully Innovative 3D Printer

Every now and then I stumble onto something that completely enthrals me.  That happened to me today.

I have NO idea how I got there; but, somehow I ended up on the KickStart Page for one of the cleanest and most innovative 3D printer designs that I have come across.


Kickstarter seems flooded with new 3D printer entries these days.  But, the DeltaMaker is in a class of its own.  First, it is NOT a kit. (Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be writing about it.)  Secondly, it does not use the traditional four-corner, boxlike X-Y-Z axis controls of virtually all other 3D printers.

Instead it uses a 3-point pivot system.  While not the first 3D printer of this type, it certainly is the cleanest and most professional looking.  Watching it print is poetry in motion!   Perhaps it's best to see for yourself.

As you can see, it's quite a unique design. It makes you want to go, Why didn't I think of that?"

While I have many unanswered questions, like reliability and, of course, actual accuracy over a long period of time, the DeltaMaker looks like a real winner.  So, while I'm not going to put my money where my mouth is quite yet (After all I already have some great 3D printers.), I certainly am going to follow their progress very, very closely.  I would love to see DeltaMaker succeed and succeed BIG.

Here is the link to the DeltaMaker KickStarter page. 

Until we see how the production models of DeltaMaker actually perform, there is little more to say.  As the old cliche goes, "The proof is in the pudding." and it will be a while before the pudding is served.  In the meantime, however, I think all of us can be glad that we have innovators like the DeltaMaker team.  Way to go guys! 

As I learn more, I will keep everyone updated.  Like all new ventures, they will face some big challenges whether they limp along or are wildly successful  But, I have a feeling this group has the right stuff to meet those challenges head on.  And, if they can prove that their design functions at the same level as their "Cool Factor", I'll certainly be cheering them on.

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