Sunday, January 13, 2013

Excellent 3D Printer Overveiw at DE Magazine

I've been a longtime subscriber to Desktop Engineering and it has been my go-to magazine when it comes to keeping up with not only 3D printing; but, fabrication of all types and, in particular, the software to drive it.

But, sometimes I miss something that I should not have.  Fortunately, I have friends that also read DE and one of them, while doing some research, found this article.

3D Printing On the Cheap by Pamela J. Waterman.

Not only is the article an excellent overview of the low cost 3D printers coming into the market.  But, they also pointed to this blog and the companion CubifyFans blog as excellent sources of information.  I am humbled and pleased.

Thank you DE and thank you Pamela Waterman.  :)

As you can imagine, I am a very happy camper!

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