Thursday, July 19, 2012

PRINTXEL Progress Update

I wanted to keep us all up to date with the progress of some of the Kickstarter and Indeogogo 3D printer projects.


Billy Zelsnack has posted a video showing the components of his new 3D printer, the Printxel, that we discussed in an earlier post. 

Without ever having seen one in action, I'm going to step out on a limb and say that it appears to me to be a sleeper among the new offerings that is destined to get more than a little attention.

PRINTXEL Assembly Videos

One of the things that impresses me is that Billy is taking the time to create instructional videos to help buyers build their systems.  The videos not only tell us a lot about the PRINTXEL parts and assembly, they also provide a window into Billy Zelsnack's commitment to the buyers of his printer.  I cannot imagine a buyer that will not appreciate the effort that he's put into this series.  It's not super slick.  It's down and dirty video.  But, each one clearly accomplishes the main goal... which is to be helpful to those trying to put a PRINTXEL kit together.

I'll only include a few sample videos.  The first is a short video on attaching the hot end to the chassis.

And, here is the video showing how to attach the hot end wiring to the circuit board.

I really like the fact the terminals that Billy has chosen to use in his board.  It makes not only makes the initial build wiring much easier.   It also makes repairing, upgrading or modification a lot easier should that be required in the future.  There are at least 8 videos related to the build experience  Nice job!

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