Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Robot Respite While building

I got home late this evening and decided NOT to tackle the RapMan tonight.  So, I'm going to take a little respite and tell you about a wonderful site that is sure to get your family excited about 3D printing.

Web Site Review:  MY ROBOT NATION

Creating the Robots

I love to find things to do and places to go that make me a hero to my granddaughters. And, My Robot Nation fits that description to a tee.  I first heard about it on my visit to 3D Systems, although, as far as I know there is no direct connection between the two companies other than the fact that My Robot Nation uses a Z-Corp color printer to print out the robots created by their customers.  And, 3D Systems now owns Z-Corp.

Over the weekend, my two granddaughters each designed a robot.  The first was QWERTY, clearly showing a flare for names.

The older granddaughter designed Henry.  Again, displaying a highly honed sense of creative naming ability.  They OBVIOUSLY take after their grandfather.  No. Wait.  They get good grades.  So, maybe it's only in Robot Naming that they take after PopPop.  At any rate, here's Henry.

From the look on Henry's face, he must know his name.

The interface for creating the robots was extremely easy for them to pick up and they enjoyed going through the many options that were offered to customer their robot.  The process was just plain fun.

However, they have a Mac and initially we thought it wasn't going to work because the web site app requires WebGL.  It turned out that WebGL is not turned on by default with Safari.  Fortunately, My Robot Nation gives you guidance about how to turn it on.  Once we did that, everything was wonderful.

They offer various sizes.  Because we had never used them before I chose the 2" version at $17.99 plus $5.99 for shipping for each.

My Robot Nation's Order Confirmation

If creating the robot was fun, then reading the follow-up emails verifying our order and keeping us up to date with each step of the process has been even more fun.

We created the robots on Saturday and received the order confirmation with this nice affirmation for the creator of the robot.  I cannot begin to tell you how much this meant to my granddaughter, even though it was obviously a 'canned' reply. 

Your uniquely awesome robot creation, qwerty, has been successfully ordered and is on the way to the Robot Factory to be made real with full-color 3D printing!

They really know how to build community through their communication.  And, frankly, that is as important to a child, or an adult who wants to look like a hero to that child as making the robot itself.

Off to Manufacturing...

By Sunday, we received notice that Querty and Henry were on their way to manufacturing.  Again, it was highly affirmative for the creator.  It's nice to be told that you did an awesome job.
We thought you'd like to know that your incredible creation, qwerty, is on its way to being made real RIGHT NOW with full color 3D printing at the My Robot Nation Robot Factory. Your unique robot blueprint goes into the 3D printer and awesomeness comes out: your robot, custom created for you in full color!


It's shipped!

By Wednesday, we received the news we'd been waiting to hear.  Qwerty and Henry were on the way.

But, here is were I REALLY have t take my hat off to the My Robot Nation team.  Not only did they fire off an equally affirmative message with the exciting news about shipping.  They do so in style.
Woo hoo!! My Robot Nation is so excited to announce that your totally unique creation, Henry, has been made real and is on its way home to you!
Just take a look at the AWESOMENESS you brought into the world!

Your robot will be shipped out to you today, safely nestled in its protective packaging. It is perfect and beautiful when it ships from our factory, but if something ghastly happens in transit, please let us know immediately at and let us help you!

That last paragraph, immediately tells me that they stand behind not only their work; but, their packaging and choice of shipper!   The girls really liked seeing the image of the actual printed robot.  And, I really liked the fact that at every step my granddaughter's creative efforts were so nicely acknowledged.

These won't be the last robots they create.

Take a look for yourself...

UPDATE:  The Robots arrived within 7 days of ordering.  Here they are hanging out together!

A nice experience at every step!

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