Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Time to Specialize!

We are at a momentous time in the progress of 3D printing development.

With the advent of Cubify and the Cube 3D printer, for the first time we have a 3D printing product clearly aimed at the general consumer population.

While consumer 3D printers have always been my hope and goal.  And, will probably occupy the greater focus of my energy, I do not want that focus to cause confusion or neglect of the other great 3D printing products new emerging.

So I have decided to divide the coverage of 3D printing developments into two different blogs. will concentrate specifically on the Cubify and Cube user community.  It will deal with everything at a consumer interest level.

This site will be devoted to what I will call the "Light Industrial" machines, otherwise known as RepRap machines.  I don't define these by price.  To some extent, they are defined by the fact that they can be customized by the user in profound ways.  Sure, consumers can purchase and use them.  But, most of those consumers are not going to be attracted to the Cube.  They will be more hands-on individuals.

The Cube will not be entirely neglected here.  Any time I have important new posts, I will add a link and a short description here to the article on the Cubify Fans blog.  But, I want this blog to focus on a hugely creative bunch of people improving and expanding the capabilities of RepRap machines.

In the meantime, you might like this video of what NOT to design for your 3D printer!!!

What comes to mind is that we really need to grapple with the liability issues of putting up our homemade designs for others to build.  But, that is a whole different topic for another time.

To be fair, as long as you don't have to answer your iPhone, the shoes are pretty cool!

No matter what your interest in 3D printing, we hope to try to keep up with developments as quickly as possible.  And, we also promise NOT to simply throw up press releases!

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